We Have a Strong City

In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah: We have a strong city; God makes salvation its walls and ramparts. – Isaiah 26:1

The enemy only attacks us in areas that threaten them. High on that list is the family. At the center of family is marriage. Our enemy doesn’t have to destroy a family to win. If they can keep the battles going there is a longer lasting and deeper destruction. If the marriage is weakened or is not at rest, nothing else in that fortress is at rest.

But our Creator Heavenly Father has designed the family with a distinct partnership between a man and a woman. When you look at the words in this scripture for walls and ramparts in Hebrew, the word for walls is a feminine noun and it refers to a wall of protection. When you look at the Hebrew word for ramparts, it’s a masculine noun and it refers to an outer fortification. In light of this, when you look again at this scripture, we see that God infuses His salvation into the man AND the woman and working together with Him, He makes the city of our marriage strong. That means God designed that His salvation be activated by the man and the woman to be a protective barrier around a marriage relationship and a family. That means the endless supply of all that His salvation encompasses is our arsenal and at our disposal. When we look to Him and not our differences or conflicts, we draw strength from all that He has given us in His salvation and it keeps us unified, strong and victorious. Together, we keep our enemy out.

Declare over your marriage, over your family, “We have a strong city, God has made salvation our walls and ramparts.”