I really don’t think I have a day that goes by without questions unanswered. I call them “the Unknowns”. They are places in my life where I just don’t have an answer. They can sound something like, “how long until”, “when will this be over”, “how’s this going to turn out” or “is this Your will” and the big one, “why”. I’m finding it’s the not knowing that creates places of testing in our lives. Testings cause us to ask deeper questions like, “do I really believe what God says?” and “what is my response to not knowing?” and other questions as well.

If I know what God is up to, then it helps to know what my response should be.  Testings give us the opportunity to see what’s in our hearts. Is it trust or fear, is it humility or pride. Testings give us a chance to recalibrate and recommit. As I repent and realign, my focus shifts from the unknowns to fellowshipping with Jesus, giving Him my heart and my affections regardless of the unknowns. Maybe this was what He was after all along.