The Bridegroom

John 3:29 “He who has the Bride is the Bridegroom…”
My step son recently married his high school sweetheart. They are such a beautiful couple because they are so in love. They met in high school and went to college together and have grown and matured together in many ways. Anyone who knows them can see how they bring the best out in each other. At their wedding, He looked at her with an adoring gaze as she walked down the aisle. He was absolutely captivated by the sight of her.  His face glowed with affection for her. They weren’t married 10 minutes and he’s already calling for her, “Where’s my bride?!?!”.
As they are building their lives together, he’s so lovingly wants to protect and watch out for her.  If she desires something, he’s on board 100% to make it happen. The things she enjoys in life have become a delight to him. If she’s anxious about something she takes priority over everyone and everything else. They take on everything together, sharing the load, sharing the joys. She in turn, gives him her heart and shares everything with him. She highly values his thoughts and opinions as they make decisions.  Her joy is diminished without him by her side. He is truly the joy of her heart.
Even more is Jesus our beautiful, infatuated Bridegroom. He gladly wants to share everything about our lives. He notices our slightest care and is happy to come to our aide. He’s attentive to our true desires and is working to give those to us. Our Bridegroom loves us so much He enjoys just being with us. Everything He does He wants to include us because of the joy it brings Him.
Certainly, there’s no question that He is the Bridegroom. The question is does He have all of us, His Bride. Do we hold back anything because we don’t trust Him? Are we distracted too much with the things of this world to be attentive and focused on Him? When He has all of us, then He can be the Bridegroom He longs to be to us personally.
We worship you, Jesus, in the beauty of your great Bridegroom love for us.