As we look back over the years of our walk with the Lord, many times we can see themes or lessons that stand out that have shaped and molded us into the image of Jesus. These topics are those themes in my journey with Jesus. I have lived and breathed every one in my own day to day life with Him. They are not cookie cutter sessions that look the same for every group. They are used as a framework to build a unique and custom designed message for your gathering, by the grace of God, through prayer and discussions with the leadership of your group. Each session is prayerfully directed towards the needs of the audience and how this ministry can best serve those that come. Ultimately, the goal of every session is to lift up and magnify the name of Jesus, creating an atmosphere where He is welcome and can be encountered.


Loving God’s Word

How to go from the discipline of reading God’s Word to delighting in God’s Word.

Hunger Gaines

Working the mechanism of spiritual hunger to find delight and fulfillment in God.


Defining dependency on God

Diffusing Offense

How to stay out of the trap of getting offended

Finding Consistency In Our Everyday Walk With God.

Turning Duty into Delight