The “Unknowns”

I really don’t think I have a day that goes by without questions unanswered. I call them “the Unknowns”. They are places

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Abiding March, 2020. This is a place where we haven’t been before. We have a lot of questions and many of them


The Bridegroom

The Bridegroom John 3:29 "He who has the Bride is the Bridegroom..." My step son recently married his high school sweetheart. They

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Mercy Cloud

Mercy Cloud If God were to show us all of our faults and unconfessed sin at once, we would be utterly undone.

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A New Heart

A New Heart Colossians 2:11-12 In Him you were also circumcised with a circumcision not performed by human hands. Your whole self

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Keys to Answered Prayer

Keys to Answered Prayer 1 Chronicles 5:20 They were helped in fighting them, and God delivered the Hagrites and all their allies

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At the River

At the River Last winter I was down at the Kentucky River.  As I looked at the river, it struck me

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God Longs For Us To Linger

God Longs for Us to Linger Today I finished memorizing my first chapter of the Bible, Psalm 19. I was drawn

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If You Ever Lose Sight of Jesus

If You Ever Lose Sight of Jesus If you ever become easily distracted and busy with life... If you ever become discouraged

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