At the River

Last winter I was down at the Kentucky River.  As I looked at the river, it struck me that the river wasn’t moving like it usually does. I realized at the very surface, ice was forming and the river was very still. I’m used to seeing the river current moving the water. But the cold had slowed down the river on the surface, yet I knew the river was always flowing underneath.

Cold and stillness. We tend to resist it the most. It’s uncomfortable, restricting and lifeless.

The frozen river can represent the way of God to create a still place in our hearts. Yes, there are other flows in our lives that cannot stop; families, jobs, etc. But the river is an example of how it’s possible to have a still heart in the midst of it. He makes Himself known best in the stillness. We abide with Him best when there’s stillness. That’s where His Holy Spirit can rest on us and remain (John 1:32). It’s where we find our sustenance in Him only, everything else is lifeless. It’s where He gets His heart’s desire –  fuller access to our hearts. Activity can flow around us and our hearts can remain still in Him.

To allow Him to do this is our release and our petition.

Job 37:7 – 10 So that everyone He has made may know His work, He stops all people from their labor. The animals take cover; they remain in their dens. The tempest comes out from its chamber, the cold from the driving winds. The breath of God produces ice and the broad waters become frozen.